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More Luscious Interior Color Trends for Spring 2014

February 28th, 2014

Savory Spices, Cool Cobalt, Sunny Saffron, Peacock Plume, Captivating Coral, and Rich Russet. These are the names given to new color trends forecasted recently by Roberta Hayes, senior merchandising colorist for Valdese Weavers. With 20+ years in the decorative fabrics and home furnishings industry, Roberta is a leader in color development and trend analysis for the home fabrics brand. Her forecast correlates with the colors I recently saw at the Las Vegas Home Furnishings Market, but I love her description of the different color families. I’ve included photos of some of my client projects in these color schemes. Some were done recently and some a while ago. So you can see that colors come into vogue and go out all the time. The important thing to remember is to select colors that make you feel happy and well. Here are the color schemes as reported by Roberta Hayes -

Savory Spices

Savory Spices marry the warmth of cinnamon, paprika, and nutmeg with soft greys and rich expresso browns to create color stories that are robust, but not overstated. Combinations of subtle golds and neutral clay hues create interiors that are rustic yet sophisticated.

Eclectic interior with Tropical and Asian Elements

Cool Cobalt

Cool cobalt pairs rich gem tones of cerulean, indigo, and navy with turquoise and aquamarine to create fashion statements evoking the freshness and carefree feeling of the tropics. When offset with complementary shades of salmon, pumpkin, orange, and spicy reds, Cool Cobalt color stories bring to mind classic European sophistication.

Living room with cool cobalt

Sunny Saffron

Sunny Saffron is all about the marriage of golden yellows and sandy neutrals with cool platinum greys, for looks that are engaging and elegant. Sunny Saffron is made more exquisite when combined with pops of teal and poppy red which round out the color story.

Dining room with sunny saffron

Peacock Plume

Peacock Plume brings together a showy range of bold blues from turquoise to sapphire with the twinkle of kiwi and lime greens. The addition of jewel-tone accents such as ruby red and vibrant violet creates color schemes with all the magic and majesty of a peacock’s plumage.

Living room with peacock plume

Captivating Coral

Warm sun-kissed shades of peach, apricot, and coral dance with fuchsias and pinks to create color combinations that are radiantly sunny and runway-inspired. Accenting shades of Aztec gold, expresso brown, and navy provide grounding for this bright color story.

iving room with captivating coral

Rich Russet

Stirring the imagination like the echoes of lost civilizations, Rich Russet and garnet reds shine in this palette. Neutral flax and camel ground with accents of burnished gold, and bold, deep teals combine to create a look of old world luxury.

Dining room with rich russet

I have to admit that these colors that are so popular now are the ones that I’ve always loved and been drawn to again and again. They are the colors of nature – the shades of a colorful sunset and the warmth of the sand and the sea. The colors of seashells and stones – warm and rich and luscious.

Please let me know which colors you’re drawn to. Those are the colors you should surround yourself with in your home. If in doubt of which colors you’re drawn to, just open your closet. You’ll most likely find a predominance of certain hues. These are probably the colors you should be using in your home. Just adding a throw or some pillows in these colors can make a huge difference in the way your home feels.

Until next time,


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Interior Design Color Trends for Spring 2014

February 12th, 2014

I just got back from the Las Vegas Home Furnishings Market recently.  It was great to see all of the new styles and colors. I saw lots of orange – in shades ranging from orange sherbet to burnt orange and everything in between. Blue-greens were also very popular – everything from aqua to deep teal. These are my favorite colors, and they continue to remain popular. I first wrote about these colors coming back two years ago. Well, they are just as popular as ever. Not that you have to use these colors, because I saw lots of reds, hot pinks, blues, yellows, greens, and purples. And of course neutrals – every shade of beige and tan, and more greyed down neutrals, especially in woods. Here’s a sampling of what I saw.

Interior Design Color Trends Spring 2014

These stunning blue green glass lighting fixtures and art glass really caught my eye.

Interior Design Color Trends Spring 2014

These are some of the beautiful shades of orange that I saw everywhere.

Even More Interior Design Color Trends for Spring 2014

This showroom featured red furniture with black, red, and white accessories.  Look to see more of these colors in 2014.

This is just a small sampling of the exciting new trends for interiors and the beautiful and unique furnishings and accessories that I saw in Las Vegas.  Much more to come . . .

If you’d like some help transforming an area of your home, just call or email me.  I’d love to help you.

You can see photos of more of my work in the portfolio section of my website.

Until next time,


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Global and Ethnic Design Trends from 2014 Winter Home Furnishings Market

January 31st, 2014

Global and ethnic design is more popular than ever judging from the new home furnishings I recently saw at the 2014 Winter Home Furnishings Market in Las Vegas. We truly live in a global world with furniture and accessories available from just about anywhere. It was exciting to see the beautiful colors, designs, and materials represented by many different countries including India, Pakistan, Morocco, Tibet, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, and many others. Each of these countries contributes a beautiful style of design and coloring.  When used together, these furniture and accessory pieces blend to create a striking and rich global and ethnic interior design.

Ethnic and global interior design

The photo above was taken in one of my favorite showrooms for area rugs and accessories at the Las Vegas Market. Notice the beautiful ethnic patterns on the area rugs, bench, pillows, and “pouffs”.  Pouffs are soft, squishy cubes that can be used as ottomans or extra seating.  They are becoming very popular.  Notice also the rich colors. Purples are becoming very popular since Pantone named “Radiant Orchid” the 2014 color of the year. I also saw all shades of greens, teals, reds, oranges, and golds as seen in the photo above.

Notice also the lamps with their rustic shapes and natural materials. All types of natural materials were seen throughout the furniture market.

Natural materials in home accessories

I took the photo above in one of my favorite showrooms for home accessories and accent furniture. Notice the beautiful carvings on the reclaimed wood console and the interesting rough hewn woods on the mirror frames. The iron on the chandeliers and other accessories is a natural rust iron finish.

Much of the design I saw had organic shapes, natural colors, and natural materials. If you like this look but enjoy other more contemporary pieces, these ethnic pieces can be used along with more contemporary furniture for an eclectic design, which is one of my favorite styles.

If you need some help with the interior design of your home and are in the greater Los Angeles area, please drop me a line. If you would like to add some unique and beautiful home accessories or accent furniture pieces to your home, please visit our online shopping boutique to see all of the wonderful pieces that I’ve personally selected.

More to come about my exciting discoveries at the Las Vegas World Home Furnishings Market.

Until next time,


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A Warm & Wonderful Family Room – Including ‘Before’ & ‘After’ Photos

January 20th, 2014

This greater Los Angeles interior designer recently completed a kitchen & family room remodel and update for a client. The family consists of a single mom and three kids – 5-year-old twins and a 7-year-old. I featured their kitchen in my last blog post. The family room had one of those alcoves that was included in many family rooms to house the old style deep TV’s that everyone used to have. My client wanted an attractive and functional entertainment center for the TV and to display decorative accessories. The fireplace was uninspired. She wanted a new stone facade and a beautiful mantel. She liked the pine bough wall sculpture over the mantel, so we kept that and replaced everything else. She needed more seating for her family and a place where everyone could kick back and put their feet up.

Family Room 'Before'


Remodeled Family Room


The newly remodeled family room is warm and wonderful. A new larger sectional with down blend cushions is comfy and provides lots of seating. A chair & a half allows mom and another child to cuddle up, or is large enough for two or three kids. The ottoman is accessible to all. A giraffe patterned area rug adds a bit of whimsy and creates a cozy feeling. The original artwork over the sectional ties in all of the rich greens, browns, and golds used in the room.  Although there are great LED recessed lights for ambient lighting, I added two unique table lamps for extra lighting and a little drama.

Remodeled fireplace and entertainment center


I designed the entertainment center so that it looks like a piece of furniture, rather than a hole in the wall. Lighted glass shelves display beautiful decorative pieces while a cabinet with a glass door and drawers creates a very functional entertainment center. The fireplace wall is covered in rustic stacked stone in beautiful shades of green, rust, and gold. The new mantel is stained to match the entertainment center. It and the stone facade cover the entire wall. New glass fireplace doors blend beautifully with the stone. The client’s pine bough sculpture looks perfect above the new mantel. New draperies in a soft tone-on-tone green fabric with a bronze decorative rod and rings add softness. Stacking decorative trays on the ottoman create a functional place for TV snacks.

My client and her children are greatly enjoying their new family room and kitchen. It’s so rewarding to create such a warm, inviting, and functional environment for this great family.

To see more of my residential designs please visit the Residences album in the portfolio section of our website.

Until next time,


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A Newly Designed Kitchen for the Holidays

December 16th, 2013

I recently completed a kitchen remodel and family room update for a client.  The family consists of a single mom and three kids – 5-year-old twins and a 7-year-old.  Although her existing kitchen was large and had lots of cabinets, it was not a very functional space.  She wanted more refrigerator and freezer space so that she could eliminate the extra refrigerator in her garage.  She also wanted a large island with seating for five so that the family and their nanny could have meals together and also a place for the kids to do homework and projects.

Kitchen Remodel - Before


Dream kitchen


The newly remodeled kitchen is not only a beautiful place to gather but also extremely functional. The six-foot wide Sub Zero integrated refrigerator and freezer visible on the wall behind the island blend seamlessly into the cabinetry. The new island provides lots of seating and preparation space. A Caesarstone countertop looks beautiful and requires no sealing and minimal maintenance. Marbled glass pendant lights cast a beautiful glow on the island while LED recessed lights and under cabinet lights create necessary ambient and task lighting. The wall cabinets are finished in a rich mocha stain while the island is a painted wasabi green with light distressing. Bringing the cabinets up to the ceiling allowed the addition of lighted cabinets with glass doors for display of  the client’s glassware.

Remodeled kitchen & family room

In the island I included a single bowl farmhouse sink that complements the glass tile in the backsplash. A microwave/convection oven adds the convenience of a microwave with the added luxury of an extra convection oven. Self-closing drawers were used on all of the lower cabinets to create better storage.  An induction cooktop is safe for kids because the burners don’t get hot to the touch.  A secretary/desk that matches the island cabinetry creates a convenient workspace for my client.  When closed it becomes a stylish piece of furniture.

My client and her children are greatly enjoying their new kitchen. Baking Christmas cookies and gathering in the kitchen will be extra special this holiday season. Beyond the kitchen you can see the newly designed family room. More on that in my next post!

Until next time,


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Pantone Announces Color of the Year for 2014 – Radiant Orchid

December 5th, 2013

Radiant Orchid – A Color to Inspire Confidence and Creativity

Pantone has just announced its 2014 Color of the Year – Radiant Orchid, a complex shade of purple with fucshia and pink undertones. According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone, ”Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.” Purple has long been seen as a magical color and a color that inspires creativity and innovation. Look for radiant orchid in fashion and home decor throughout the coming year. Use it to add a burst of color to your wardrobe and to your home.

Radiant Orchid 2014 Color of the Year

Radiant Orchid in Home Interiors

Living Room Radiant Orchid

Above is a project I completed for a client several years ago. The client loved purple and I incorporated it into the artwork, pillows, upholstery and area rug in this striking living room. We should be seeing shades of purple, orchid, fucshia and pink turning up in fabrics and home accessories throughout 2014.

Use radiant orchid with olive and deeper hunter greens as well as turquoise, teal and light yellows. Its vibrance will also enliven neutrals such as gray, beige and taupe, serving to energize without overpowering.

Family room radiant orchid

Above is another client project I completed several years ago.  I incorporated shades of purple with fucshia undertones into the throw pillows and the upholstery.

Select Colors that Make You Feel Good

I’m looking forward to incorporating radiant orchid into designs for my interior design clients in the coming year. However, remember that what is most important is to select colors with which you feel comfortable. If a color speaks to you, calms you or energizes you, makes you feel at ease and happy, then it’s probably a color that you should incorporate into your home.  If you’re not sure yet about Radiant Orchid, start by adding some live orchids to your home and see how they make you feel. Please comment and let me know what you think about this new Color of the Year.

Until next time,


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Special Photo Frame Sets – A Great Holiday Gift Idea

November 11th, 2013

Personalize Your Home with Photos

One of the best ways to personalize your home is to display photos of family and friends. Having photographs of the special people in your life throughout your home will not only create a warm and inviting feeling, but you’ll also feel good each time you look at them. There are many ways to display photos in your home.  It all starts with some great photos and some very nice picture frames. I love using easel back frames so that I can display photos on tables, bookshelves, etageres, dressers, and buffets. Your photos tell a story about your life.  I have photos in every room of my home.  As I move from room to room throughout the day each smiling face on a photo makes me smile.  Photos from vacations can take you back to that wonderful time even for just a few seconds.

Frames for Every Taste

Choosing the right frames will give your photos a special feeling. It’s nice to do groupings of photos either on the wall or on a table or shelf. Selecting unique and unusual picture frames allows you to make your photos really stand out.

Picture frames capiz shell

I love these capiz shell picture frames. They come in standard sizes of 4 x 6, 5 x 7, and 8 x 10, so they’re very easy to use, and they have easel backs so they can be displayed just about anywhere. Here they’re filled with some favorite pets. They’d be just as beautiful filled with pictures of your kids, grandkids, or favorite people.

Faux leather picture frames

These handsome frames are a little larger but still hold standard sized pictures.  Their woven, faux leather straps finished with a weathered, dark coffee stain and a light tan glaze give them a more masculine feeling.  They would be perfect filled with vacation photos as shown.

Beautiful picture frames

Sometimes you don’t want all of your picture frames to look the same.  At times it’s nice to have some variety. These frames are heavily distressed in rich hues of antiqued silver, copper and sage green. Their warmth will add richness to your home while displaying your favorite photos.  They come with convenient easel backs and accept standard photo sizes.

Also a Great Gift Idea

Picture frames are not only a wonderful way to add personality to your home, but they also make wonderful gifts especially at this holiday time. When you don’t know what to get someone as a gift think about a framed photo. It’s personal and special and something that will be displayed and cherished for many years. You can even split the sets to create individual gifts of one frame each filled with a favorite photo of family or friends. All of these photo frames are available on our Innovations Designer Home Decor Online Shopping Boutique. Please take a look. Whether you find something special for your home or for a holiday gift, adding photos to a home is one of the best ways to create a warm and intimate feeling.

Special Savings for our Readers

As a valued reader of my blog please enjoy a 20% savings on any picture frame order between now and November 30.  Just enter PICTURE FRAMES in the coupon code area upon checkout. Hope you find something special for your home. I’d love to see how you display picture frames in your home. Please send me photos and I’ll post them on our Facebook page.

Until next time,


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Designing An Outer Space Themed Bedroom for a Special Little Boy

October 24th, 2013

A Very Special Bedroom for a Three Year Old Little Boy

I love designing rooms for children.  This one was especially fun and rewarding.  My clients, three year old Gabriel’s parents, wanted an outer space theme for his bedroom.  We agreed on reds and blues for the color scheme.  As always, I wanted the room to be not only fun and colorful, but also functional – a room that he could enjoy for many years.

Gabriel's Bedroom 1 of 6 - We created a fun and colorful outer space themed bedroom for three-year-old little Gabriel.
Gabriel's Bedroom 1 of 6 - We created a fun and colorful outer space themed bedroom for three-year-old little Gabriel.

The walls and ceiling were all painted blue.  I’ve worked with artist Pamela Schwyzer for many years.  I created  a preliminary design for the mural and the furnishings.  I gave Pam my drawings and photos showing the mood I wanted for the room.  Working together we decided on the general placement of everything in the mural, and then Pam worked her magic!

A Place for Everything

Wanting this bedroom to be a place that Gabriel could enjoy for many years I incorporated lots of functionality. The bookcase holds books and other toys in the cabinet below. As he grows books will be replaced with new ones and toys will eventually be replaced with video games and notebooks. The shelf with hooks is great for holding his backpack, jacket, and other clothing. A large basket holds favorite stuffed animals and an outer space themed growth chart hangs by the door to the Jack & Jill bath. A table and chairs next to the bed can be used for playing, drawing, and later for homework.

Gabriel's Bedroom - 2 of 6 - A bookcase holds favorite books and treasures. A shelf with hooks below holds his backpack and other toys.
Gabriel's Bedroom - 2 of 6 - A bookcase holds favorite books and treasures. A shelf with hooks below holds his backpack and other toys.

An Incredible Outer Space Mural

The mural in Gabriel’s room was created especially for him with his family and interests in mind.  Pam did an amazing job of creating galaxies and stars throughout the walls and ceiling.  The space shuttle and planets are very realistic.

Gabriel's Bedroom 3 of 6 - A close-up of the beautiful mural that covers all walls and the ceiling.  The detail is just amazing.
Gabriel's Bedroom 3 of 6 - A close-up of the beautiful mural that covers all walls and the ceiling.  The detail is just amazing.

Gabriel’s grandfather had worked on a weather satellite years ago.  My clients got us a picture of the weather satellite so that it could be incorporated into the mural.  Pam did a fabulous job of recreating the satellite for the mural.

Gabriel's Bedroom - 5 of 6 - Gabriel's grandpa worked on a weather satellite. My clients gave me a photo of the satellite and our artist incorporated it into the mural.
Gabriel's Bedroom - 5 of 6 - Gabriel's grandpa worked on a weather satellite. My clients gave me a photo of the satellite and our artist incorporated it into the mural.

Gabriel loves pigs so Pam included a flying pig into the mural.  So cute!

Gabriel's Bedroom 6 of 6 - Gabriel loves pigs so I asked our artist to add a flying pig to the mural.
Gabriel's Bedroom 6 of 6 - Gabriel loves pigs so I asked our artist to add a flying pig to the mural.

We wanted to include Gabriel’s name somewhere in the mural.  Pam creatively painted his name into a constellation on the ceiling.

Gabriel's Bedroom 4 of 6 - Our artist incorporated Gabriel's name into the mural as a constellation on the ceiling.
Gabriel's Bedroom 4 of 6 - Our artist incorporated Gabriel's name into the mural as a constellation on the ceiling.

I’ve worked with this client on several projects.  Take a look at Gabriel’s sister, Samantha’s bedroom and other children’s room I’ve designed on our website and main living areas designed for this client on a prior blog post.

Designing a Bedroom for Your Child

When planning the interior design for your child’s bedroom keep in mind space planning, functionality, and color.  The most adorable room in the world is of no use if it isn’t functional. Make sure that there is room for the bed, a dresser, storage, and play areas. The best way to do this is to make a scale drawing of the room and draw the furniture to scale.  That way there will be no mistakes and everything will fit well.

Be sure that you include everything that is needed for functionality.  If you want your child to do their homework in their bedroom, be sure to include a student desk. Also, good lighting is important. Be sure there is an overhead fixture or recessed lighting and lamps for task lighting. In Gabriel’s room I included a ceiling fan with lighting as well as two lamps. Toy and book storage is also important.  If your child is old enough be sure to include him or her in the design process.

Everyone reacts to color. To be sure that your child has the most positive experience possible when in his  room, try to include him in the selection of colors. You should have a pretty good idea of the colors to which your child is attracted. Show her different colors and see which ones she leans towards.

If you want to use a theme try to make it something that your child can grow with.  Nemo or Sleeping Beauty may be cute for awhile, but your child will soon outgrow them and you’ll be left with a room that needs redecorating before too long.  In any case, have fun planning your child’s bedroom.  If you do it will be a place they enjoy spending time. They will also have pride in their rooms and likely keep them neat.

If you need assistance designing your child’s room or any other area of your home  this southern California interior designer is here to help.  Just fill in the short questionnaire on our website and I’ll be in touch.

Until next time,


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My Favorite New Home Accessories

October 9th, 2013

Since visiting the Las Vegas Home Furnishings Market recently I’ve updated my favorite new accessories. You can see them all by clicking on Innovations Designer Home Decor Designer’s Favorites. In order for a new piece to be added to our shopping site it has to pass my criteria for beautiful design, excellent quality, and great value. Here are some of my favorites -

Peizhi Ceramic Garden Stool

Chinese garden stools have become very popular recently.  They’re great as accessories on your patio or in your garden, but they also make a beautiful addition to your home.  Use them to hold plants or sculpture or as extra seating.  They come in scrumptious colors like the oxblood red one above.  They’re also available in many different designs.

Traslucido Amber Glass Lamp

I just fell in love with this beautiful amber glass lamp.  Warm amber glass with dark bronze details complements so well the brushed aluminum accents. The round, slightly tapered hardback shade is an off-white linen fabric.  This lovely lamp will work in contemporary to transitional interiors.  If this isn’t quite what you’re looking for, please view our large selection of unique lamps.

Cuddling Giraffes Sculpture

I couldn’t resist these adorable giraffes.  What is it about giraffes that makes them so lovable?  I really like the impressionistic styling of this beautiful sculpture.  Sculptures are often overlooked as a home accessory.  The right sculpture can add great style or a bit of whimsy to your home and will reflect your taste and personality.  See our varied selection of sculptures.

To see these and all of my other new top picks, just click on New Designer’s Favorites.

As a reader of my blog please take an additional 20% discount off any purchase.  Just enter “AUTUMN SAVINGS” in the coupon code area at checkout.  Our prices are very competitive and shipping is always free! I hope you find something special for your home.

Until next time,


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Tropical Interior with Asian Influences – Our Newest Interior Design Project

September 26th, 2013

Beautiful New Project in Granada Hills, CA

I’m happy to announce that we’ve recently completed a beautiful interior design project for clients in Granada Hills, California. The clients are both doctors and have 3 year old twins – a boy and a girl. Last year we completed their family room and created complete designs for the children’s playroom and bedrooms. This year we focused on the remaining main living areas including the entry, living room, and dining room.

These clients really wanted a tropical feeling in their home. As the husband is of Chinese descent they requested that I incorporate some Chinese/Asian elements into the design. They love warm colors – reds, terracottas, oranges, and yellows. Their desire was to have their home be warm and inviting without being overly formal.

Spacious, Inviting Entry

Eclectic Interior with Tropical and Asian Influences - Entry

In the above photo you can see the spacious and dramatic entry of this beautiful home.  The entry leads directly into the elegant formal dining room.  Beautiful, rich hardwood floors are installed in the entry, living  and dining rooms.  I included a variety of orchids and other tropical plants which create a tropical feeling.  In this photo you can see two of the three alcoves.  I selected a wrought iron branch console table and an elegant Chinese chest for the alcoves visible in this photo.  Area rugs in a terracotta hue help to break up the space.

Eclectic Home with Tropical and Asian Influences - Entry

In the photo above you can see the detail on the stunning Chinese chest.  An iron horse sculpture, elegant buffet lamps, white orchids, and a rustic piece of wall decor complement the chest.  To the left of the entry doors can be seen a curved wooden bench and mirror with reverse painted glass. A lovely table with iron base and mosaic stone top is graced with a vase of orchids.  The detail on the two beautiful hand-knotted terracotta area rugs can be seen in this photo.

Elegant, Serene Dining Room

Eclectic Interior with Tropical and Asian Influences

The formal dining room is elegant and serene. The leather side chairs are perfect for the family’s two young children. Another hand-knotted area rug in a contemporary design was selected for this room. The arm chairs have intricate detailing of bronze nailheads in a scalloped design.  Elegant silk draperies beautifully soften the room. The stunning lighting fixture contains hand blown amber colored glass shades.

Eclectic Interior with Tropical and Asian Influences - Dining Room

The buffet has beautiful faux-painted panels in a warm honey color.  I love the beautiful curved lines of this gorgeous piece.  Hung above the buffet is an elegant hand-painted Chinese screen.  I selected this screen and it became the inspiration for the design of this room – serene and elegant. Horsetail plants flank either side of the buffet.  An elegant crystal buffet lamp and hand-blown glass tray add to the beauty of this room.

Cozy and Comfortable Living Room

Electic Interior with Tropical and Asian Influences - Living Room

The formal living room above is cozy and comfortable.  The warm honey and terracotta colors are soft and beautiful.  On the mantel are three animal sculptures which add a little whimsy. A lighted world globe on a rich wood stand is a a lovely addition and also a teaching tool for the clients’ two children.  Another hand-knotted area rug adds warmth and softness to this inviting room.

Eclectic interior with Tropical and Asian Elements

This view of the living room from the stair landing shows the detail of the unique coffee table which includes a multitude of natural materials in a flowing design.  On the wall is a striking hand-painted art piece made from copper leaf. The linen draperies feature iron rods and finials in a bamboo design which add to the tropical feeling.

All beautifully photographed by Ted Dayton Photography

We’re Here to Help

I hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing our latest project.  If you’re thinking of re-decorating and are looking for an interior designer who will listen to your needs and help you create the home of your dreams while working within your budget, I’d love to hear from you.  If you would like to purchase home accessories and accent furniture similar to the pieces used on this project, please visit our online shopping boutique.  I have personally selected each and every piece.  Please take a look . . .

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