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Interior Design Trends for Spring 2015

February 25th, 2015

At my recent visit to the Las Vegas World Market Center to attend the home furnishings winter market it was great to see some exciting new trends in interior design. It’s always fun to visit the market and see first hand what colors and styles are popping up and will be available in the stores in the near future.

One thing I saw a lot of was colorful, beautifully patterned and adorned throw pillows in every possible shape and style. Eye-catching throw pillows have been popular for awhile, but I was amazed at just how many I saw at the winter market. Throw pillows are a great way to take a neutral color scheme and add pops of color and interest. A room can go from blah to wow with just the addition of a few well placed throw pillows. A boring sofa, loveseat, or chair can be invigorated just with the addition of a throw pillow or two. Here’s a photo from one of the showrooms I visited that had some of the most beautiful pillows. Ethnic patterns are popular as well as bright shades of orange, reds, blues and greens.

Colorful throw pillows

Another trend I saw was lots of warmer metals. I saw warm metals at the summer market last July, but at this market there were even more – beautiful warm shades of gold, brass, bronze, and copper. The photo below is from a showroom that had stunning displays of beautiful accessory pieces in gorgeous metal finishes.

2015-01 LV Winter Market - Arteriors - Warm Metals

The photo below is from another one of my favorite finds at the market. This small line of lighting, accessories, and accent furniture is filled with warm golds and bronze tones. Their pieces have a very fresh, but warm and inviting look.

2015-01 LV Winter Market - Couture - Gold

Coastal design is still alive and well. This design style continues in popularity. I saw coastal and/or tropical styles in furniture, lighting, artwork, and accessories. Coastal design is fresh and vibrant. In the photo below is a bedroom from one of my favorite showrooms. The white furniture works well with the bedding, lamps, artwork, and accessories.

2015-01 LV Winter Market - Stanley - Coastal

Transitional styles continue to be very popular. Transitional designs tend to have clean lines with some traditional styling. One of my favorite finds was the showroom shown below. I love the styling of their furniture because it is so classic and beautiful and will work in so many settings.

transitional design trends

In case you love Tuscan design and are afraid it’s no longer available, take a look at this beautiful dining room furniture in the photo below. The pieces are just gorgeous with exceptional detailing and a rich, warm finish. Although Tuscan design has been popular for quite awhile and is not being used as much as before, it’s still a viable option for those who love it. As I’ve said for years, you should decorate your home in the styles that speak to you and make you feel comfortable and happy.

Tuscan dining room

That’s just a sampling of some of my favorite finds at the winter home furnishings market. Remember, your home is your sanctuary. Make it feel like the best place you want to be – a place that you love coming home to, that reflects your personality, your lifestyle, your passions, and your personal taste.

In my next post I’ll talk about the color trends that I saw at the winter market and what colors you can expect to be popular this spring.

Until next time,


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A Brand New Kitchen for the Holidays

November 24th, 2014

We recently completed an extensive kitchen remodeling project. The clients wanted an updated look and a more functional kitchen. They wanted the kitchen to have a large island with seating for multiple guests. There was a lot of planning that went into the re-design of this kitchen, and the result is nothing short of spectacular!

Contemporary kitchen


Kitchen "Before" Remodeling


The above ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos show the amazing transformation of this kitchen. Lots of planning was done to ensure that all of the client’s desires and requirements would be fulfilled. The soffits above the cabinets were removed and existing air vents, plumbing, and electrical were redirected. This allowed  the cabinets to extend higher into the space resulting in a more spacious look and additional storage. In addition, we were able to include a beautiful crown molding above the cabinets which added a finished look. The stunning hand blown glass pendant lights add a beautiful touch and wonderful lighting. Recessed LED lights were also added, creating excellent task lighting and superior energy efficiency.

Remodeled kitchen - stainless hood and 48" professional range

By using standard 24″ deep cabinets in place of the 30″ deep cabinets that were on the refrigerator wall we were able to move the doorway next to the existing stove six inches to the right. This allowed the inclusion of a 48″ professional range and stunning stainless steel hood with rooftop blower, along with cabinetry on either side of the range for storage.

Kitchen - 48" Professional Range

An off white glass subway tile backsplash is highlighted by glass mosaic tiles in shades of off white and taupe bordered by bronze metal tiles and including a decorative pattern of bronze square accent tiles.

Glass and bronze metal tile backsplash

Above is a close up of the design in the backsplash. The addition of this tile added to the beauty of the range wall which is the focal point of the kitchen.

Modern kitchen with Caesarstone countertops

The view above shows the spacious island that has seating for five. A large pantry with roll-out shelves and tray storage above creates much needed storage. A new counter depth refrigerator creates more space and a new counter height microwave is convenient to the fridge. New glass front cabinet doors are perfect for display of the client’s crystal glasses.

Modern kitchen with Blanco sink

A highlight of the island is a new Blanco Silgranit sink. Featuring a low divide for ease of use, this sink is 80% granite, is extremely durable, and resists scratches and staining. A HansGrohe pull-down faucet, a filtered water faucet for instant hot and cold, a soap dispenser, and an air switch for the disposal create a beautiful look and incredible functionality. The countertops are Caesarstone, a quartz material that is not only very beautiful, but also virtually maintenance free.

Contemporary kitchen with wine refrigerator

Formerly a breakfast nook, the clients decided they preferred to have more storage in this area and move the seating to the island for a more casual, entertaining-friendly space. This area features a dual zone wine refrigerator with glass front doors above for storage of wine glasses. Lots of drawers provide ample storage while the countertop is a perfect place to set out a buffet.

My clients are looking forward to a festive Thanksgiving as they prepare their first holiday meal in their beautiful, new kitchen. Wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving. May your home be filled with the love and laughter of family and friends.

Until next time,


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Inspiration from Nature – An Interior Designer’s Perspective

October 21st, 2014

Having just returned from a vacation in southwestern Utah, I thought I’d write about my experiences and share some photos from our trip. There’s nothing like experiencing and being inspired by the beauty of nature to uplift and renew the spirit. My husband and I visited Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. Although I’ve traveled to many beautiful places throughout the US and the world, I had never experienced the uniqueness of these two national parks. Although they’re only about 1 1/2 hours away from each other, the beauty of their landscape is quite different.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Above is a view of the canyon floor at Bryce. The interestingly shaped limestone formations are called hoodoos. Upon seeing these hoodoos I felt like I was in a fairyland. One of the areas at Bryce is actually called Fairyland Canyon. It’s a very magical place!

Bryce - Queen Victoria's Garden Hike

In the photo above you can see details of some of the amazing hoodoos. These are naturally formed into the limestone mountains by wind and rain. They are constantly being changed by the weather.

Antoni Gaudi Casa Batllo

The renowned architect Antoni Gaudi from Barcelona, Spain created architecture that could have been inspired by Bryce Canyon, although I don’t know if he ever visited the area. I was enchanted by his architecture in Barcelona, and enchanted by the amazingly beautiful and whimsical rock formations at Bryce. Above is a photo of Gaudi’s Casa Batllo in Barcelona.

Zion National Park - Virgin River

From Bryce Canyon we traveled to Zion. Above is a photo of the Virgin River which has been responsible for the formation of Zion Canyon. As we walked along the river we saw the majesty of the soaring peaks and the beauty of the constantly flowing river. It’s hard not to be inspired by sights like this.

Zion National Park - Fall Color

We were fortunate to be able to see quite a bit of fall color while we were there. Above you can see the majestic sandstone rock formations contrasted with the reds and golds of the autumn leaves.

So how does all of this relate to interior design? For me, my inspiration comes from many sources, but none so important as the beauty of nature. I love the colors of nature and use them often in my designs. The colors of alabaster, limestone, sandstone, crimson, gold, slate, azure, juniper, and cedar which were so present at Bryce and Zion add a natural beauty when brought into the home in materials such as woods, tiles, countertops, furniture, and fabrics.

Inn on the Cliff, St. George, Utah

The photo above is of our room at Inn on the Cliff in St. George, Utah where we stayed on our way to Bryce Canyon. I love the use of colors of nature and materials that bring the outdoors in. The wall that the bed is on is covered in wood grain tiles with metal strips between each one. The colors used are earthy browns, golds, creams, and corals, very similar to the colors in our view from the balcony. Plants were placed throughout the bedroom and bath, adding to the extension of nature into the space. The use of these colors and materials created a warm and inviting feeling.

I’ve used many of these colors in designing my own home. To me they’re soothing and peaceful. I’ve also included lots of natural materials. Try using nature as an inspiration as you design the interior of your own home. Please let me know how nature has inspired you and how its influenced you in the design of your home.

Until next time,


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Tropical & Coastal Interior Design Trends Popular for Fall 2014

September 16th, 2014

Coastal & Tropical Design Trends Continue in Popularity

At my recent visit to the Las Vegas World Market for Furniture and Home Accessories it was evident that tropical and coastal interiors are becoming very popular. Tuscan design, which had been so popular for the last several years, has been replaced with a fresh, clean design, often with tropical and coastal influences. Coastal design is often casual and comfortable including natural and organic materials to create a relaxed but stylish design. For tips on how to create a coastal design style in your home please see my blog post on coastal design.

Tropical / Coastal Design

The above etagere, which I saw recently at the Las Vegas World Market, is a wonderful example of a furniture piece that would work nicely in a coastal design scheme. The washed wood finish and lattice work contribute to the coastal feel. Of course, the accessories add greatly to the coastal appeal, especially the coral and artwork.

Coastal / Tropical Interior

This dining room, from the same collection as the etagere in the photo above, also has a coastal feeling. Note the combination of light and dark woods and the lattice design on the wooden chair backs and on the etageres. The lovely orchid centerpiece and colored glass also contribute to the coastal feeling.

Fall 2014 Interior Design Trends - Coastal design furniture

I saw this new bedroom furniture at another showroom. The bamboo posts and details on the bed and nightstands has a distinctly tropical feeling. With the addition of the blue and white bedding, aqua lamps, and large palm, there is a very tropical/coastal flair to this inviting bedroom.

Tropical Florals are More Lifelike Than Ever

Fall 2014 Interior Design Trends - Lifelike Silk Orchid

This beautiful silk orchid is so lifelike it even has some leaves that look like they’re starting to die! I love orchids, but it’s so hard to keep them in bloom. A few orchids or other tropical silk plants placed strategically in a room create a lovely tropical/coastal mood.

Fall 2014 Interior Design Trends - Natural Looking Tropical Silk Plants

This attractive tropical arrangement will look elegant and graceful for many years. It’s uncanny how realistic the new silk plants and flowers have become. Even the “water” looks real.

Fall 2014 Interior Design Trends - Orchid Silk Plants

Another stunning silk orchid. Adding two or three of these to your home will definitely contribute to a tropical/coastal environment without having to make huge changes in your decor.

 More Trends to Come . . .

In my next post I’ll talk about some of the other new interior design trends I saw at the recent Las Vegas World Market. It’s so exciting to see these trends unfold and to get to implement them in new interior designs that I’m creating for my clients. If you need the services of an interior designer in southern California, please drop me a line and tell me about the project you have in mind. 

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Interior Design Trends for Fall 2014

August 27th, 2014

New  Design Trends for Fall 2014

At my recent trip to the Las Vegas World Market for Furniture and Home Accessories I was able to see some definite new interior design trends for fall 2014.  Although the changes in trends are usually subtle from market to market, this time I noticed the distinct emergence of some very strong trends. It was exciting to see such a strong presence of new directions in design at one market.

Wood Tones are Much More Greyed

One of the first things I noticed is that wood tones, which are very prevalent in furniture, have become much more greyed. Mid-tone woods are rarely seen as either dark or very light woods take center stage. Color tones are much more greyed down with shades of taupe and grey being prevalent. I saw almost no honeyed, golden, or red wood tones.

Fall 2014 Interior Design Trends - Nailheads on fronts and backs of dining chairs

The photo above was taken in one of the showrooms I visited at the World Market Center. Notice the taupey shade of the wood and taupe and grey tones on the chair fabrics and area rug. Also notice the nailheads on the backs of the dining chairs. Nailheads have been popular on traditional furniture for many years, but now we’re seeing them on everything from traditional to contemporary chairs,sofas, wood pieces, and picture frames!

Fall 2014 Interior Design Trends - Grayed woods

I snapped the photo above in another showroom. Notice the light grey woods with a distressed finish. This light, distressed finish works well with a coastal design style which is also extremely popular right now.

Nailheads are Everywhere!

Nailheads on back of sectional

I’ve always liked nailheads on furniture pieces. They add an intricate styling that creates wonderful detail. But I have to say that I was overwhelmed by the extensive and creative use of nailheads at the recent furniture market. I love the styling of the sectional in the photo above. The scalloped back adds a beautiful touch, especially if the sectional is going to float in the room which is often the case. The use of the double row of large nailheads over a metal strip is such a unique and appealing detail.

Fall 2014 Interior Design Trends - Nailheads on console table

I noticed the console chest in the photo above at another showroom. I just love the use of nailheads to create a scroll design in the wood. This creativity in the use of nailheads was fun to see.

More Trends on the Horizon . . .

In my next post I’ll talk about some of the other new interior design trends I saw at the recent Las Vegas World Market. It’s so exciting to see these trends unfold and to get to implement them in new interior designs that I’m creating for my clients. If you need the services of an interior designer in southern California, please drop me a line and tell me about the project you have in mind.

We’ve also just added some fabulous new pieces to our Innovations Designer Home Decor & Accent Furniture online boutique. Please take a look at what’s new. I’ve personally seen and selected each and every piece on our site. In order for a piece to be placed on our shopping site it has to pass my criteria for beautiful design, excellent quality, and great value. I hope you enjoy browsing our beautiful designer home accessories.

Until next time,


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Tips for Creating a Feminine and Functional Home Office

June 24th, 2014

I recently completed a beautifully feminine and highly functional home office for one of my clients. She had asked me to help her to get organized and to create an office that would include all of her computer equipment and filing space, but also be a place where she could relax in a feminine atmosphere.  When I asked her how she liked her new home office she said, “You were able to create an office space that completely fits my personal style. You got me!”

Minor Home Office 4549B


'Before' shot of home office


In order to make this office more functional and feminine we started by adding recessed can overhead lighting on a dimmer switch and a new ceiling fan. The room was painted a soft robin’s egg blue which really added a soothing feeling. We replaced the desk with a new desk and return that included a keyboard tray, and drawers for storage and filing. We also added two filing cabinets that matched the height of the new desk and return. A pleated valance in a fabric that complements the wall color adds softness to the space. The desk is now oriented towards the door so that the client is able to see someone entering the room.

Minor Home Office 4483-B-HDR

We added a comfortable chair and ottoman so that our client could sit in her office and relax with her iPad or do some reading. A unique floor lamp provides great lighting and a small side table will hold a book and a refreshing drink. A bookcase matches the desk and files and holds books, family photos, and other treasures.

Minor Home Office 4501-B-HDR

A comfortable, feminine desk chair allows access to her computers, printer, file drawers, and desk area. The desk chair has a beautiful scalloped wood frame in a contrasting finish to the desk. A soft blue and white fabric complements the room color and adds to the feminine feeling at the desk. The stylized floral painting is soft and graceful. Functionally the space works very well with adequate space for the computer equipment, and lots of open desktop area.

Minor Home Office 4528-B-HDR

The graceful etagere displays some of the client’s awards. The decorative mirrors reflect light into the room, and the bronze finish on the mirrors complements the etagere. These pieces add softness and femininity to this home office.

Minor Office 4438-B-HDR

A decorative bulletin board helps keep the client organized. Adequate filing space ensures that paperwork will stay organized. A desk lamp with a marbleized glass shade provides task lighting while overhead recessed lights provide excellent ambient lighting. 

Here are some tips for creating your own feminine, functional office -

  • Make a list of everything that you will need – desk, files, desk chair, bookshelf, lighting, etc.
  • Draw out the room to scale and add furniture pieces.
  • Figure out how best to light the ro0m – with recessed can lights (best) or a combination of floor and table lamps.
  • Select a paint color that will be soothing, yet energizing.
  • Look for furniture pieces that will fit in the space.
  • Look for a desk chair that is comfortable, functional, and feminine.
  • Decide on a window treatment that will filter light and be a decorative addition to the room.
  • Add artwork, wall decor, and accessories to add your personality and femininity to the room.
  • Hide computer cables where possible with wire management or strategically placed plants and furniture.
  • If there is room, think about adding a comfortable chair and ottoman to have an alternate place to sit.

Enjoy your new feminine and functional home office. You’ll be sure to keep organized and be more productive in a space that meets all of your needs. If you live in southern California and would like some help designing a home office or any other area of your home, please let me know.

I’d love to hear your comments and experiences in designing a feminine and functional home office for yourself.

Until next time,



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Four Tips to Create a Coastal Design Style in Your Home

May 23rd, 2014

Coastal Design – A Relaxed Style Combining Crisp Whites, Marine Blues, Nautical Accents, and Tailored Furnishings

You don’t have to live by the sea to have a coastal look in your home. Having grown up on the east coast by the water I’ve always loved the casual feel of coastal decor. There’s a certain relaxed feeling and a definite connection with the outdoors in coastal design. I’ve been fascinated by the natural beauty and uniqueness of seashells and coral since I was a kid, and they add a beautiful touch to a home with a coastal look. Coastal design has become more and more popular in recent years. Classic coastal style is sophisticated with crisp linens, blues, neutrals, whites, and bold stripes. Beautiful accessories are used such as shells, coral, maritime instruments and coastal art.  The key is to keep it simple and not let it get too busy.

Here are four ways to create this look in your home whether or not you live near the water –

1. Select Furnishings That are Relaxed and Comfortable.

Large overstuffed chairs in wide stripes are inviting and casual. Natural materials are also commonly used like the wicker chair in the photo below. Distressed tables add to the relaxed feel of this style.

Living room in coastal style


2. Include Natural and Organic Materials to Create a Relaxed but Stylish Design.

As seen in the photo above distressed hardwood floors and sisal area rugs are great additions to help to create a coastal style. Flowing draperies and Roman shades in natural linen add to the casual feeling. The distressed wood ceiling is also a great touch.

3. Choose Colors in Shades of Red, Blue, and White.

Neutral walls  and upholstery in some shade of white serve as a backdrop for bursts of color as seen in the photo below. Add throw pillows in various shades of blue and red.  Colors can range from navy to aqua and red to coral. Yellow if often used as a complement to navy.

Coastal design living room


4. Accessorize with Shells, Coral, Maritime Instruments, and Coastal Art but Don’t Overdo.

Select beautiful shells, coral, driftwood, and colored glass to add to your decor, but select carefully and don’t let it get cluttered. The shelves in the photo below create a beautiful coastal vignette.

Coastal accessories


Please take a look at my new Coastal Design board on Pinterest. All of the pieces are available on our shopping site – Innovations Designer Home Decor and Accent Furniture.  I’ll be adding more items in the coming weeks. As one of our subscribers please enter SPRING SAVINGS in the coupon code area for a 20% discount on your order.

Until next time,



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Warmer Metals are In Again – And I Say Mix Them Up!

April 23rd, 2014

Metals are Used Throughout the Home

After many years of seeing mainly cooler metals like silver, stainless steel, platinum, and nickel, I was pleased to see many warmer metals like gold, brass, copper, and bronze at the Las Vegas Home Furnishings Market recently. Metals are an important element when designing a home.  They’re used in almost every room.  In the kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls add personality. Faucets and appliances also make a style statement.  In bathrooms the plumbing and lighting fixtures add to the style of the space. In other areas of the home metals are used in tables, chairs, picture frames, lamps, and lighting fixtures.

warm metal finishes

In the photo above are some of the home accessory pieces in warmer finishes that I recently saw at the Las Vegas Home Furnishings Market. I personally love the warmth that these newer finishes exude.

It’s Okay to Mix and Match Metal Finishes

Don’t be afraid to mix metal finishes in your home. You don’t need to have every single finish match! However, it’s a good idea to use cool and warm metal finishes at least a couple of times in a room. For example in your kitchen you could have bronze lighting fixtures and plumbing fixtures with stainless steel appliances and brushed nickel hardware.  You can tie together the different metal finishes through your paint color, tile, and countertop materials.

Kitchen with mixed metals

When I designed the kitchen in the photo above we used oil rubbed brass plumbing fixtures and decorative hardware.  The appliances are stainless steel and the bar stools are in a platinum finish. The glass tile on the backsplash and the Caesarstone on the countertops are in taupey tones that work with warm and cool finishes. The end result is a warm and inviting kitchen that’s a pleasure to work in.

Everything Doesn’t Need to Match

Whenever designing an interior you want to be sure that things aren’t too “matchy matchy”.  You want your home to look like you lovingly collected each and every piece over a period of many years, rather than looking like you went to a store and bought a whole room of matching furniture.

Brand New Home Accessories Available on Our Online Shopping Boutique

Here are some of my favorite new accessory pieces in the warmer finishes that are now available on our Innovations Designer Home Decor online shopping boutique. Just click on the photos to see more information.  You’ll be able to zoom in and see all of the intricate detail.

Art print with antiqued gold frame

I love this soft and inviting watercolor landscape print.  The antiqued gold frame complements the golden leaves in the print.

Ambrosia Copper Tray

This copper leaf tray would make a great addition to an ottoman as a place to set drinks.  I love the warm copper patina finish.

Scalloped console table with marble top and gold leaf finish

The gold leaf finish adds warmth to this white marble topped side table with scalloped edges and graceful curved iron legs.

Please visit our Innovations Designer Home Decor Online Shopping Boutique to see more of our beautiful home accessories and accent furniture pieces.  I’ve personally selected each and every one. For our readers just enter SPRING SAVINGS in the coupon code area to receive a 20% savings on your order.  Hope you find something special for your home.

Until next time,


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More Luscious Interior Color Trends for Spring 2014

February 28th, 2014

Savory Spices, Cool Cobalt, Sunny Saffron, Peacock Plume, Captivating Coral, and Rich Russet. These are the names given to new color trends forecasted recently by Roberta Hayes, senior merchandising colorist for Valdese Weavers. With 20+ years in the decorative fabrics and home furnishings industry, Roberta is a leader in color development and trend analysis for the home fabrics brand. Her forecast correlates with the colors I recently saw at the Las Vegas Home Furnishings Market, but I love her description of the different color families. I’ve included photos of some of my client projects in these color schemes. Some were done recently and some a while ago. So you can see that colors come into vogue and go out all the time. The important thing to remember is to select colors that make you feel happy and well. Here are the color schemes as reported by Roberta Hayes –

Savory Spices

Savory Spices marry the warmth of cinnamon, paprika, and nutmeg with soft greys and rich expresso browns to create color stories that are robust, but not overstated. Combinations of subtle golds and neutral clay hues create interiors that are rustic yet sophisticated.

Eclectic interior with Tropical and Asian Elements

Cool Cobalt

Cool cobalt pairs rich gem tones of cerulean, indigo, and navy with turquoise and aquamarine to create fashion statements evoking the freshness and carefree feeling of the tropics. When offset with complementary shades of salmon, pumpkin, orange, and spicy reds, Cool Cobalt color stories bring to mind classic European sophistication.

Living room with cool cobalt

Sunny Saffron

Sunny Saffron is all about the marriage of golden yellows and sandy neutrals with cool platinum greys, for looks that are engaging and elegant. Sunny Saffron is made more exquisite when combined with pops of teal and poppy red which round out the color story.

Dining room with sunny saffron

Peacock Plume

Peacock Plume brings together a showy range of bold blues from turquoise to sapphire with the twinkle of kiwi and lime greens. The addition of jewel-tone accents such as ruby red and vibrant violet creates color schemes with all the magic and majesty of a peacock’s plumage.

Living room with peacock plume

Captivating Coral

Warm sun-kissed shades of peach, apricot, and coral dance with fuchsias and pinks to create color combinations that are radiantly sunny and runway-inspired. Accenting shades of Aztec gold, expresso brown, and navy provide grounding for this bright color story.

iving room with captivating coral

Rich Russet

Stirring the imagination like the echoes of lost civilizations, Rich Russet and garnet reds shine in this palette. Neutral flax and camel ground with accents of burnished gold, and bold, deep teals combine to create a look of old world luxury.

Dining room with rich russet

I have to admit that these colors that are so popular now are the ones that I’ve always loved and been drawn to again and again. They are the colors of nature – the shades of a colorful sunset and the warmth of the sand and the sea. The colors of seashells and stones – warm and rich and luscious.

Please let me know which colors you’re drawn to. Those are the colors you should surround yourself with in your home. If in doubt of which colors you’re drawn to, just open your closet. You’ll most likely find a predominance of certain hues. These are probably the colors you should be using in your home. Just adding a throw or some pillows in these colors can make a huge difference in the way your home feels.

Until next time,


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Interior Design Color Trends for Spring 2014

February 12th, 2014

I just got back from the Las Vegas Home Furnishings Market recently.  It was great to see all of the new styles and colors. I saw lots of orange – in shades ranging from orange sherbet to burnt orange and everything in between. Blue-greens were also very popular – everything from aqua to deep teal. These are my favorite colors, and they continue to remain popular. I first wrote about these colors coming back two years ago. Well, they are just as popular as ever. Not that you have to use these colors, because I saw lots of reds, hot pinks, blues, yellows, greens, and purples. And of course neutrals – every shade of beige and tan, and more greyed down neutrals, especially in woods. Here’s a sampling of what I saw.

Interior Design Color Trends Spring 2014

These stunning blue green glass lighting fixtures and art glass really caught my eye.

Interior Design Color Trends Spring 2014

These are some of the beautiful shades of orange that I saw everywhere.

Even More Interior Design Color Trends for Spring 2014

This showroom featured red furniture with black, red, and white accessories.  Look to see more of these colors in 2014.

This is just a small sampling of the exciting new trends for interiors and the beautiful and unique furnishings and accessories that I saw in Las Vegas.  Much more to come . . .

If you’d like some help transforming an area of your home, just call or email me.  I’d love to help you.

You can see photos of more of my work in the portfolio section of my website.

Until next time,


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